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Frequency Asked Questions

Is there free dental care in Arizona?

The State of Arizona does not offer free dental care as Donated Dental Services has been suspended indefinitely after COVID.

Where can I go for tooth extractions, dentures, crowns, and fillings if I cannot afford or do not have insurance?

There is a dental clinic list that the Department of Health Services has available on their website. The majority of the clinics operate using a sliding scale (meaning based on your household income) 

Can you refer me to a dentist in my area?

You can find a dentist online by going here.

Why can’t you give me a dental referral?

Selecting a dentist is a personal preference. We are not allowed to give you a referral because it could be considered biased but you can find a dentist using this online search.

Do you know what dental offices take my insurance?

Call the phone number on your insurance card for member services and ask for a dentist in your network.  It will save you time and money by using a dentist that takes your insurance.

Do you know what office takes AHCCCS/Medicaid?

No, we do not have that information but calling the number on your card and asking for a dental office that accepts AHCCCS is the easiest option.

I am in a lot of pain, and I have AHCCCS/Medicaid insurance.

If you’ve developed pain in the last 3 months, it’s eligible for coverage under your AHCCCS plan. This plan provides up to $1000 for dental emergencies, aimed at alleviating acute pain. However, this benefit has significant limitations; for instance, it does not cover expenses like crowns.  Contact AHCCCS to find a dentist that can help you at